Open Source Robotics – The PR2

This is a perfect example of what will be to come with my new Blog and a great first post.

The Personal Robot 2, or PR2, is a completely Open Source robot aimed at educational and open source growth in advanced robotics for software developers.  The PR2 is a spin-off from the original PR1 from Stanford University. In 2006, early Google developer, Scott Hassan (also eGroups Founder / Yahoo Groups), began Willow Garage, in an effort to promote wide-scale personal open source robotics. Check out the PR2 overview, or look further below to see the PR2 fetch a beer for their developers.

The developers at Willow Garage take time out to do one week hackathons, where an entire week is dedicated to accomplishing a certain task. Here is a hackathon of them programming the PR2 to fetch beer for the developers.

There are a couple more videos if you are still interested, find Willow Garage and the PR2 @

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  1. Acquisto says:

    I was searching for beautifier and I found this blog. Keep blogging! I like it ;-)

  2. I have read your whole article I like this post thanks you are sharing a great article .

  3. brp says:

    I wish someday to have a robot who will make all my house routine! I have cleaning, washing…..

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