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Google has been releasing pilot laptops with it’s new open source operating system, Chromium OS. Chromium OS is a Linux based kernel released under the BSD license.

The basic concept is that most everything we need to do these days, is done out of a web browser. Google has, in turn, been creating applications that allow Word document editing, Spreadsheets, email, graphics, and much more… With the evolution of HTML to HTML5, JavaScript, and 3D rendering CSS3, the goals of high intensity processing for browsers is becoming more and more tangible, therefore Chromium OS is currently set out to handle all of the basics. I sure think it’s got a shot.

Since late 2009, the source has been released to the public. What does this mean? We can actually give it a try without being included in the pilot program. I’ve been playing around with this on my Asus eee 1201T.

Flow, created by hexxeh, is one of the latest Chromium OS builds out, allowing pretty decent support all on a USB drive. You can even try it in a Virtual Machine.

Check it out here:

Again we hit the a major shift of decade large changes across computing. In simplest terms, it feels that computers are shifting back to the terminal based systems, using large application servers. But the new dynamic, which may inherit a 3rd dimension to this pendulum, is global accessability with cloud data storage systems. This clearly seems to be the direction, the shift is already taking place and it’s got pretty good momentum.

So, what’s the next direction? So far, I haven’t seen any direction shifts.

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