Why Google Chrome OS Matters

Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromium… what is it, why is it important? How does Chrome keep gaining browser market share?

If you are not using Chrome already, I’d high recommend you make the switch.
Benefits include:

  • Faster web page compilation
  • Light weight, quick startup
  • Tab separated processes
  • Tab management
  • Extensions
  • much more…

Take a look at this video

Further more, the new Chrome OS is simply a Linux operating system that loads the Chrome browser, where the systems designed to run Chrome OS typically with have specialized firmware for security.

I found an article on JSClasses that goes piece by piece in an almost FAQ format about Chrome OS.

The article explains some expected features Chrome OS will support:

  • Offline content with Chrome OS
  • Unlimited local storage
  • File management
  • External devices such as USB, GPS, Mics, and Web Cams
  • Ability to run non-Web Apps
  • The Chrome Web Store
  • Developers get C++, JavaScript, Flash, and Java
  • Developers ability to sell apps
  • Evolution of HTML5

You should really take a look:


So, why does it matter? Google is creating a completely revolutionized way of managing information. The idea is to move all your data to an online cloud and from any computer / browser / mobile device / Chrome OS, you can perform all of your work, very different from our typical Desktop workstations.

If you want to try Chromium OS yourself, you can find my previous post here: http://phillihp.com/z?l=n

Keep en eye out!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This is exactly an issue I have to find more information about, many thanks for the post.

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