Tech Spin on Egypt Protests

Egypt is blowing up the news, and technology has been right in the middle of it. As seen with the Gaza war, social media has been centering the stage for what the public sees.

In Egypt, the government attempted to control this social media frenzy, without disrupting normal business. Last Tuesday, the government blocked Twitter, and taking it a step further by blocking Facebook and Google on Wednesday. Well now, the government has set a complete block on ISP’s, meaning no internet access for anyone, in an addition to SMS text blocks.

Now, additional censorship and control of media has been taking place in China. The “Chinese government will continue to support the Egyptian government in maintaining social stability…” China has put a ban on the search term “Egypt.” You can see below on the Xinhua news’ website, Egypt has been completely removed.

I went to the English version of the website here: and searched for “Egypt”, and was kind of surprised. Any mention of Egypt was more generalized. It seems any mention of “Egypt” was a sub-note to another countries news. So, I also tried out, using Google Chrome and it’s auto-translater. I was still able to find two key articles particularly pertaining to the protests.

So, how much control can these governments really have on restricting the flow of content out of the country? Now often times when major channels are removed, the underground connections begin to rebuild. Often, these are on proxied servers and forum based systems to continually update the feeds. Here’s a forum offering live feed sources. Often these can be broken down or not running, but every now and then you can find some active.

Let me know what you can find.

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2 Responses to Tech Spin on Egypt Protests

  1. essays uk says:

    have a question – and how it will work if the circuit still connected and the router?? Do not burn the server?

    • phillihp says:

      When they shut down the Internet Service Providers (ISP), you lose the connection with the addressable world (by IP address). All the Domain Name Server’s go down and information cannot continue to route along a path.

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