Touch Screen Monitors will be the new IN!?

Recently, I’ve been falling into the trend of Touch-input, and with Android and iOS pushing forward, we have lots of good competition forcing better recognition and ease of use. I’m even impressed with Windows 7 with Chrome and Touch Extensions. Even Linux via KDE / GNOME (K)Ubuntu is impressive. The one drawback to the desktop, getting your arm to the monitor as easy as possible, with the ability to change position.

I’ve been waiting a long time before deciding to make all of my future computer purchases touch screen enabled. Well, the last 4 in a row have all been. Including my tablet, my phone, my latest Netbook, and new Laptop. I’m now converting to touch screen with any new upgrade. The Asus Eee T91 was a bargain at $350 about 6 months ago, now even more inexpensive. My laptop was on the edge and finally started failing on me, so it’s now on to a Dell Studio 17 that is loaded with a 1920×1080 HD 17.3 inch multi-touch screen Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, and ATI 1GB Video; almost as powerful as my desktop, far less real-estate. So, how will the Desktop prevail in the touch world?

There are many pivot and adjustable arm mounts out there, many of which adjust. But often times, adjustment is limited to a certain height level. I expect to see more fluid pivot and adjustable arm’s that start coming out. This would perfectly complement the growing use of touch screens.

Now imagine 4 of these with touch LCD’s and Android / iOS input interpreters! Sorry for the camera… and the ash tray? this is obviously not done by myself.

Or will we just skip to Kinect motion sensors?

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