Cloud9IDE – Web Based IDE, done in JavaScript

As web technologies get more advanced, especially with the advancement and future of HTML5, we are beginning to see more and more web based applications being developed so that any user, from any operating system, from anywhere in the world can access and make changes to their data.

A new one Cloud9, developed by, hopes to play a vital role in developing a web-based development application.

You can visit Cloud9, by visiting

You can see that this looks exactly like any other typical development station. You have the File, Edit, View, Windows menu options at the top, with a Project Files panel, a workspace editor to make your changes, and even a console. So far, it looks like you can utilize this for a variety of scripting files, which should all be color coded and utilize tools to assist with production. I like it, it’s pretty responsive too.

There are some issues though. It seemed pretty bugy, in-fact, a lot of what I find on is pretty bugy. It looks like Firefox works the best though. Its worth it to check out, but I probably will not use it.

Some benefits you receive from desktop apps is the processing of your computer and when the files are all local and CPU intensive tasks are being performed, the workstation still wins out compared to the web-based app. For how long though, is the question.

2011.03.03 2:42 PM – Update

@phillihpz We are fixing all of the issues and moving fast, stay tuned!less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I’d say it’s nice to hear the quick response, I noticed this @Mention right after I posted. That’s a good sign.

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  1. Ivan says:

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    And let us know what you think!


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