Let me get your number, days are over. Facebook only!

Remember back in the day, when you didn’t have a cell phone, you would have to actually find somebody if you wanted to get a hold of them? Well, I don’t, I’m not that old. But as this was the method of getting a hold of someone during the 80′s and early 90′s, asking for a cell phone number was how to keep in touch in the late 90′s and new millenium. Today, it feels like Facebook is taking over phone numbers. When I meet people I haven’t seen in 5 years, it’s not a question of asking for a phone number, it’s a question of establishing better contact online, via Facebook.

I know, I know… everyone already knows this and it is common place. But I write this because it is fascinating to see how as technology continues to grow and build larger groups and better relationships with others, we continue to build the levels at which communication take place. Acquaintances, Co-Workers, Friends, would Facebook Friends fit in somewhere? What’s funny is that many of the random people I do happen to meet, they are already a Facebook friend.

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I'm Phillihp. My name can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, so can my posts... if you wish. I'm out here exploring, learning, and sharing what I find. This is more for fun and personal growth, I aim to be as consistent as possible, so check back daily!
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