Virtual Machines with Parrallels or VMWare Unity

The new world of extremely high RAM and multiple-core processing allied with Hyper Threading has allowed computers to process much more than in the past. Instead of ever-increasing speeds of processors and limitations in 32-bit environments, computing technology has switched to adding multiple processor units, while expanding to 64-bit systems allowing RAM to grow beyond the 4GB limitations.

With Parallels for Mac and Unity for VMWare (Mac, Windows, Linux), no one should have an excuse to be a single operating system user. Running Mac, Windows, Linux, you can run your virtual applications directly interfaced to your preferable graphical user interface. Maybe a graphic will show you better:

Here’s a great demonstration implementing Linux with Compiz (3D Graphical Windows) with Virtual Windows XP:

Yes, we all know either Windows or Mac is going to steal that from Linux yet again…


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