ChromeOS or No OS, How about Android instead?

ChromeOS is Google’s idea for a completely web-based operating system, utilizing Google online applications such as Google Docs, Maps, Spreadsheets, etc… But, where is it? It was announced two years ago, demo’s look like it’s doing what it should, but no public releases?

It’s a great idea for an OS, but I’m thinking a couple of things here.

  1. It’s before its time. HTML5 is not quite ready, although advanced, it still needs time to be digested, browsers deployed, and bugs worked out, mostly in the realm of performance.
  2. Apple’s already pushed it’s iOS (iTouch, iPhone) to iPad as well. Advantages include migrating applications and familiarity. Android offers the same potential.
  3. Users may feel stuck in a web browser. Although many functions are already available and are being created for website applications, many users may feel trapped, because they are unfamiliar with these new apps. A good example is replacing Windows Media Center / iTunes with Pandora, Slacker Radio, or
  4. Manufacturers whom already have access to Android are already skipping tablets and pre-loading Android on Netbooks.

From what I’ve already seen, it seems like Google is second guessing… Do they really want to compete against their own operating system? or do they want a larger user base, under their already powerful Android. It goes against all the typical ideals that are behind ChromeOS, but it simply seems that the tech world is not ready for pure web OS’s. Take a look at the Android tablet and netbooks.

Android Tablet:

Update by Phil (3/26/2011): Terrible video. The presentation was completely unplanned. iPad is way more advanced as a single platform, maybe we try another coupling between Android and another manufacturer for a better competitive look.

Android Netbook:

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