Access Virtual Machines on your iPhone / iPad with Parallels

Using Parallels with Parallels mobile, you can now access your desktops VM’s while on the road. At first glance, it looks like the application is actually running a virtual instance, but really this simply allows a connection to your VM.

Cool idea, so, why? What can I use this for? My quick thoughts are that if you have a server running in a VM, which typically how they are done, you could easily log into that server for any sort of minor maintenance that you had to perform, such as reboots.

This leads me to the question, why not run a virtual machine on your mobile device? TI’s OMAP processors have already begun to develop dual core, 1.6 and even 2.0 GHz processors on your phones, and SD cards have more than reached 64GB. It’s not like the phone specifications are limiting this.

Again, what would be the purpose? I’m thinking maybe you have a Work VM installed on your phone, such as a Blackberry VM on an Android or iPhone, so that you can securely connect to get your email and make work calls, all while following the guidelines of letting your company have full control of their phone; in this case, a VM phone. Maybe you can’t run a particular app on your Android and need an iPhone VM? I like the idea… lets wait and see what happens.

Here’s Parallels Mobile:

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