Credit Card Processing from your iPhone: SquareUp, Intuit, Paypal

What new apps are coming out? Well, today, you can process credit cards right from your cell phone, your iPhone. What a great idea! And the technology isn’t all that difficult! came out with a free accessory, that allows credit card processing from your cell phone. Now anyone on the go can process payments, which in the past, were restricted to cash. It’s very similar to Paypal where the company takes a small percentage.

Good idea, but I’m not all sure many barriers to entry exist. I bet many new and existing companies will start this up and begin to fight for market share; and in this world, that could mean mobile device operating systems: Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, etc… The SquareUp accessory is smaller, but the Intuit name is nothing short of monstrous. This could be similar to Vonage in relationship to the other tel-com companies and their VOIP solutions.

Along with the idea, Intuit, staying in the mix. They must have a talent for hiring additional talent to discover what is new, what is real, and what new business opportunities are out there. Intuit offers the service,, and also offers the free card reader. I’m pretty sure Intuit wasn’t the first to do this. In-fact, I’m pretty sure they stole the concept. I was recently introduced to a similar product SquareUp by my colleague Brian. It wasn’t until I saw Intuit that I decided to post about this new revolation.

I even ran into a story about Girl Scout cookies being sold via GoPayment.

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2 Responses to Credit Card Processing from your iPhone: SquareUp, Intuit, Paypal

  1. I don’t feel very secure using Square or Verifone with my credit card transactions. But I guess I would go with Verifone if I had to use one, since Square can’t even keep its office secure.

  2. Moblized says:

    Another option to consider would be PhoneSwipe. The benefits of PhoneSwipe surpass any of it’s competitors on the market today. PhoneSwipe has NEVER had an issue with security or jeopardizing personal information, they have a great and easy to use app, the card reader is durable, their rates are low (with no hidden fees), they have 24/7 LIVE customer service, and received rave reviews from numerous sources. is a company dedicated to setting up small/medium sized business up with merchant accounts using PhoneSwipe. There are some great blog articles for current and potential merchants with useful information about PhoneSwipe, competitors, and the lovely world of merchant services. They have become very big in the mobile credit card processing world.

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