The Human Body in HTML and PHP


I would have done a couple of things differently.

  1. <?php echo ($gender == "female" ? "<breast style=’float: left;’ /><breast style=’float: right;’ />" : "<nip style=’float: left;’ /><nip style=’float: right;’ />"); ?><div style=’clear: both;’></div><!– in case you wanted to add a freckle –>

There’s really no way to class this thing up, I tried looking for a scientific definition… But on a programming note, I would have gone with tertiary conditions and CSS alignment. lol WP didn’t like the double dash –

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One Response to The Human Body in HTML and PHP

  1. phillihp says:

    I’m a little upset, they didn’t use CSS: float left;, rather than align left, ugh display: table… wtf…

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