Hey, Newsy is raising money!

Hey, one of my favorite news sources is hitting the tech crunch blog for raising money. It’s nice to see them growing and sparking interest. I really like what they do. These days, news is reported through all of the major media tv channels, spinning their bias, blogged, and in newspapers (do you like my order?). Newsy takes 3 – 5 sources from where ever it’s been reported and attempts to portray the entire story. News stories continue to get played up, sized to larger proportion; I feel that Newsy combining each report from various styles depicts the best view possible. Collaborative news, in 2 – 3 minute segments.

Check out the site: http://www.newsy.com. They also have iPad, iPhone, and Android apps.

It’s worth the look. I’ve got to start using it more often.

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