Advantages to Multiple Monitor Setup for Designers / Programmers

Not every programmer and designer uses multiple monitors. In my book, it is a bare necessity. I have 6 on my home office. While working with many moving parts, all interacting quickly, and/or designing in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, with vast numbers of pixels in the bend, screen real-estate is essential spread across several monitors.

The first step is to increase screen real-estate. 22 inch screens are minimum in my book, at least, for dev machines. The second step, add an additional monitor. In one week, your work efficiency will significantly increase.

Landscape Views

  • Advanced Programming – The ability to read code with more than 200 characters per line
  • Photoshop – Ability to see pixel by pixel in detail
  • Flash, Premiere & Final Cut Pro – Long timelines and tracks
  • Remote Desktop – with reference window

Portrait Views

  • Browsing and Reference, Word Documents and Documentation – The portrait allows length of written data to be viewed on the screen easily, while minimizing the need to scroll, but not being limited to a horizontal space not being used.
  • Email and Calendar organziation
  • File Structure Analysis – Comparing file systems
  • Console – Viewing command line interaction with servers and data
  • Video Chatting – while multi-tasking

Take a look at some setups:

I don’t see many Multi-Monitor mac solutions. This picture is of two Macs. If you have two, why not run Synergy?

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