What is VI / VIM and what are the differences?

What is vi and vim? For those who don’t know, vi is a family of command line based text editors. The difference being, Vim, initially written for Atari, moved to expand the functionalities and features of typical vi editors. These are commonly used while remoting into Linux/Unix based systems.

Vim assists in editing more complex types of files, even allowing multiple files to be edited at the same time, coloring syntax, and many others. Take a quick look at some major improvements.

  • Syntax highlighting and code folding for popular languages C++, PHP, Python, Perl, shell, and others.
  • Edit files using network protocols like SSH, HTTP, or files that are compressed, such as gzip, zip, tar.
  • Split Screen for multiple files
  • Multilevel undo/redo.
  • Plugin availability
  • Vim can supports scripting with vimscript or scripts installed on your system: php, python, perl, shell.
  • Built in diff for comparing files (vimdiff).

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