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20 mar

Dear Google Chrome – Spell Check Fix, Please!

*, Chrome, Google

Dear Google Chrome, If you are going to tell me that I mis-spelled a word, please also suggest GOOD alternatives. Why must I copy my mis-spelled word and post it into, or the Chrome address bar? Shouldn’t your tactful … Continue reading

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18 mar

MX518 – “its the pinnacle of mice” ~ TBolt

***, Apple, Hardware, OS

Today is the day to bring attention; with what? Computer peripherals, specifically A computer mouse. It was the revolutionary company, Xerox, who was the first to realize the potential of this X-Y coordinate input. And guess who tapped into and … Continue reading

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16 mar

Did you get your iPad2? Want to make $200 – $300?

**, Apple, eBay, iPad

The iPad craze. It feels like the majority of my recent posts have been about the iPad2. Well, this may not be for everyone, but if you were one of those lucky ones who have already got their hands on … Continue reading

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12 mar

BSG Online Game ~ Through your web browser

**, Browsers, Games

Now, all of the talk is coming true. We’ve heard all the HTML5, JS, and Flash takeover. There are those who continue to refute the facts, dig their heels, and endow their loyalty to the old. But today, I provide … Continue reading

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11 mar

iPad2 Lines and Anticipation

*, Apple, iPad

Here we go, iPad2 lines are already out the doors. There are reportings that say you can barely walk down New York City next to the Apple store because of this. Oh Apple, what a great job you are doing! … Continue reading

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10 mar

The age-old fight: Macintosh vs. Windows vs. Linux

***, Android, Apple, Google, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Windows, Windows (Mobile)

Market Cap: Apple: 320.03B Microsoft: 214.26B Red Hat: 7.81B The age-old fight, the one that will be fought for as long as these operating systems exist. But with just market share, does this really give an accurate reading of which … Continue reading

9 mar

Honeycomb Live Wallpaper for Android

*, Android, Google

If you are into wallpapers, you must check out live wallpapers available for the Android phone. With this app, you should be able to get a series of live wallpapers for android devices as old as the G1. These will … Continue reading

9 mar

Blending an iPad, yes in a blender.

*, Apple, iPad

I cringe any time I see these videos. I’m really not sure why, but it doesn’t get old either. Btw, I’m a big fan of these devices, so I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing the iPad for posting … Continue reading

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8 mar

Taking the iPad apart and looking inside

**, Apple, iPad

The iPad, just like any other electronic, is basically a computer. All of the essentials that you would put into your desktop or laptop machines have been miniaturized and fit into a nice slim casing. I got to thinking, would … Continue reading

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3 mar

Cloud9IDE – Web Based IDE, done in JavaScript

***, Cloud Computing, Firefox, Mobility, OS, Programming

As web technologies get more advanced, especially with the advancement and future of HTML5, we are beginning to see more and more web based applications being developed so that any user, from any operating system, from anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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