QR Codes are physically inside of your computer

I just replaced my laptop’s keyboard and discovered something pretty cool. I was having trouble using the keyboard in dark rooms, so I went out to eBay and picked up a quick replacement, with a backlight on it. I openned up the plastic and got at the keyboard when I was pleasantly surprised. I found QR Code stickers placed on my individual hardware pieces. So, I took out my phone, scanned, and sure enough it brought up the exact model of the particular hardware it was associated with. Cool!

There have been bar-code’s inside of PC’s before, but during that time, not everyone had the technology to read the bar-code. Now that QR Codes are all the rage, it seems that these things are poping up everywhere. Making everyones life, just a little more efficient.

People are even wearing QR-Code clothing, I’ll post later with more on that.

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