Flash vs JavaScript Wizardry, Panoramic vs Google Street View

I found this really great panoramic viewer, which really reminds me of Google Streets. It’s pretty nice, works well and has a great edge, even allowing you to navigate through different locations.

So this is yet another example where Flash was preferred. Google Streets is a complete JavaScript solution, which yet again raises the question. Is JavaScript and HTML5 going to wipe out Flash? I think it will.

Take a look at Google Streets again; I mean it’s pretty flawless… and even loads quicker than this Flash version.

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One Response to Flash vs JavaScript Wizardry, Panoramic vs Google Street View

  1. vit says:

    why you said that google street view is javascript?
    maybe the api v3 street view is html5, but for maps.google they use flash (like the link you posted)

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