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19 apr

QR Codes are physically inside of your computer

eBay, Hardware, QR Codes

I just replaced my laptop’s keyboard and discovered something pretty cool. I was having trouble using the keyboard in dark rooms, so I went out to eBay and picked up a quick replacement, with a backlight on it. I openned … Continue reading

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18 apr

2011 Startup Weekend at Baltimore Completed

Hack-a-thon, News, Twitter

Wow, what a weekend. I’d really like to congradulate everybody at #BaltSW this weekend. Meeting and socializing with everybody there really made the event something special. I saw a lot of amazing ideas and saw some amazing team work to … Continue reading

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15 apr

2011 Startup Weekend at Baltimore Begins – 54 hours of intense work

Hack-a-thon, News

I’m downtown, ready to get working on the next new startup. The photo is from my hotel room where I’ll be staying over the weekend, while me and many others will be developing the next business startup, all over 54 … Continue reading

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14 apr

oPtion$ – A Steve Jobs Parody ~ Recommended book from Phil, Apple

Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs If you are an Apple fan(boy|girl), or even if you have just an amazement for what Apple and Steve Jobs has done, I’d highly recommend reading this book; Option$ – A Steve Jobs … Continue reading

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14 apr

URL Shortening: Compiled list of many

Internet Here’s a compiled list: – Remember this one? – Good – Multiple URL’s – Mine! – lol … Continue reading

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13 apr

Hacking: Phishing and Spear Phishing


What is Phishing? Phishing is a way of attempting to get sensitive information like usernames and passwords from users, so that their accounts can be exploited. The most popular way of phishing, is by sending an email to a user, … Continue reading

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12 apr

Rooting and Flashing your Android


I found some very well done articles done on rooting and flashing your Android device. Check them out here, if you are ever in need: Benefits of Rooting How to Flash

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10 apr

Upgrade Laptop RAM from 4GB to 8GB for $30

**, eBay, Electronics, Hardware

RAM is cheap. Wow, it’s been real nice. Add a couple monitors to your system, heck add 4. Load up 4 virtual machines, keep all your applications stored in RAM at all times, or even save power, by putting your … Continue reading

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10 apr

Pandora selling your information, but it’s what keeps Pandora running.

*, Android, Entertainment, iPhone, News

Check out this report done by Newsy. Now that Pandora is going public, it seems that there have been many legal concerns. Due to investigation, it’s now being accused that Pandora has been harvesting a bit more data than we … Continue reading

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8 apr

Internet and Technology is taking over, even on airplanes.

*, Entertainment, Mobility

Remember when you could first make phone-calls from airplanes? Well now, Internet is taking over. You can now connect to the internet using WiFi via an airplane internet service. These services operate using both Cellular and Satellite connections, and are … Continue reading

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