Learn Objective-C, Phil’s Reading Recommendation. A book… really?

Hey guys, the past week, I’ve been learning Objective-C. I have a pretty solid background with C/C++, Java and consider myself an expert at the web script languages PHP, Perl, Python, and very elite using JavaScript, HTML, CSS even HTML5, CSS3; heck even throw in WebGL for HTML5 or OpenGL in C. I like to stay well rounded. I’ve recently been taking on many different missions. One is to get into Ruby on Rails, which is an MVC for Ruby, very similar to one of my primary MVC CakePHP. I’ve also been doing Android development, which is Java, very easy to get adjusted too. The next one was Objective-C, which I’ve recently been doing this past week. With the help of a very good book, it’s been quite enjoyable.

I have a lot of great books and get excited when I find a book that provides a great resource. Yeah, yeah… tell me that I should be utilizing all the latest and greatest technology and I’m recommending paper and binding. The truth is that books, offer consistent and vast amounts of material at your finger tips. And, there’s not an App for that… nor an IDE (keep trying).

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers – A book that takes Objective-C from a Java developers point of view and literally lines them up together. Has been a major help for me and I hope it can provide you with what will get you into Objective-C. It’s quite fun, little different syntax, but lets get at it! Also available on Kindle!

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I'm Phillihp. My name can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, so can my posts... if you wish. I'm out here exploring, learning, and sharing what I find. This is more for fun and personal growth, I aim to be as consistent as possible, so check back daily!
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