Asus Eee Transformer – iPad Competition?

Ok, one of my favorite companies out there is Asus. I’ve been buying their boards (motherboards) for a very long time. Since then, they’ve also entered the PC market with Windows and Linux Laptops. They offer a great product for very little money. And now, they have been entering the Android tablet market as well.

I’ve been literally a click away from finally getting my hands on an iPad2. I’ve been holding off for a lot of reasons. The main reason is, do I really need another computer? Jeez, I have like 10 of these things laying around now. I have to start selling them on eBay again, just so I can justify getting another.

Well, I’m glad I held off. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be looking at the new devices that have been coming out. Asus has now released a new tablet, under their Eee brand (I already own two Eee laptops), which runs Android and could very much compete with the iPad. It’s a tablet, that plugs into a docking keyboard. But the cool thing is, the docking keyboard gives you extra battery life and access to external peripherals and input/output, such as SD cards.

Check out the official commercial. Yikes, they are aiming for a real younger age now, take a look:

Here’s a video of the tech wrap:

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