cPanel and other Web Hosting Control Panels

Web panels are extremely popular for hosting websites and making it simple to get by a laundry list of command line applications, and if you have ever had a Linux web server, odds are that you have probably used cPanel at some point or another. Version 1 came out in 1996, but it wasn’t until cPanel 3 that other hosting companies were allowed to license the software. Over time, it grew to be one of the most popular Linux web panels, allowing end users the ability to manage their FTP accounts, databases, domain names, sub-domains, and much more. If you haven’t heard or used cPanel, you may have gone the route of Webmin or Plesk, which have also been around for as long as cPanel.

There are obvious limitations for high scale scenarios, but if you are looking for something simple that does a wide array on a smaller scale, it’s a great solution.

Take a look at some others here:

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