Oh my, what a hoax! I want to warn those who participate in developing on the web of this apparent Web 3.0.

If you are buying into any of the Web 3.0 talk, I think you are missing the picture. Last year I got an invitation to the Web 3.0 conference in San Francisco for $1400, omg, what a waste of money. There will never be a Web 3.0. Why? Because versioning is on a singular level, while the internet grows multi-dimensionally. Sure, lets talk about what will be the next thing, but don’t tag it with a version number if it hasn’t even come out! Web 2.0 and Tim O’Reilly had plenty of justification for their coin name. But if anything, copy XBox 360 and call it Web 360… ugh, I’m not coining that, but I think all the 3.0 talk is ridiculous.

My argument is simply this… The Internet is not something that a software development company is creating, it’s an evolution of technologies and trends all working together. To assign a 3.0 tag is simply not doing, the development of the internet, justice.

Education time… Watch this video… The first 1 minute IS NOT what Web 2.0, 3.0 is! Infact, Web 3.0 is not even accepted in the web world… lol And there’s no Web 1.0 either. I watched this with a lot of skepticism with the first minute of play. Thank god David Barnes from IBM (the first speaker), had their head around what’s going on. But from then on out, it was downhill. Michael Singer has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s like talking about nothing, blehh.. blehh… disgusting.

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