What is the Next Big Thing?

“What is the next big thing?” I recently heard the question being asked. It’s the question of where to direct your efforts. How do you position yourself to take full advantage of the new trends in the web and technology field?

Well, a lot of people say that this is Semantic Web, or building websites setup and formatted based on rules and meaning. Define your elements by what they are and allow external services to crawl based on specific rules and learn about the web, to provide RICH information, specifically for you! Social media is beginning this.

Will HTML5 suffice for defining a semantic web world? It may not completely, but how long before HTML5 fully saturates? We have plenty of time. I’ve put out the 2020 estimate multiple times in my posts here. Only because we are going to have to wait on a series of systems to update. IE6 came out in 2001, which makes it 10 years old. And it’s still 2.5% of the US browser usage; 20% of China’s browser usage. IE9 just started implementing pieces of HTML5 and not even IE10 will be fully compliant. Add 10 years to the release date of IE10. We don’t have to worry about Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, but IE will be here for some time.

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