LCD’s getting cheaper, LED’s, 3D?

Watch out, I’m on a rant again…

Do you remember the days when you plumped a huge 15 inch, or possibly even a 17 inch CRT monitor on your desk, connected to your speedy 486 or quite possibly a Pentium machine?

LCD’s came out and it seemed like such a long time before they were completely adopted. But slowly, the adaptation of these new thin monitors, which saved desk space and while allowing even larger monitors to come out. The dot-com boom helped out a bunch with money flying everywhere for quicker processors and faster RAM; LCD’s were the new thing and after moving to computers, they entered an even larger market of TV’s. Today, it’s it’s standard to have an LCD or Plasma TV and LCD computer monitor, what’s the next step? TV’s went through the High Definition state, which was a great move. HD also makes TV’s the perfect computer displays. But now 3D? You have to wear glasses… would it ever reach the computer display market? I don’t think so… I think it’s a marketing scam, in a terrible market. Dumb!

If you really want to know what the next new thing is in display, I would have to say it’s two things. (1) Screen Real-Estate – LCD’s are getting cheaper and cannot get much thinner, well for now. So, why not make them bigger! You can buy a 27 inch LCD for $240… omg! and (2) Touch Screens – with iPad’s, tablets, phones, and Laptops all coming out with touchscreens, expect to see more and more of these.

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  2. Jaslyn says:

    Well, what they “meant” to say is that the difference will be AMAZING if you swcith to digital cable. The picture will look about the way you are always used to seeing it without the digital cable package, so if that was good enough for you before, it’ll be good enough for you now.When you can afford to swcith, you’ll see what they were talking about. Time Warner offers free HD channels with their digital package, but it does cost more per month than basic service.

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