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20 sep

What is Responsive Design? New Buzz Words?

Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, Internet

Responsive Design has been buzzing all over the place. Supposedly, the semantic web solving one of the largest issues of today, nope, not cross-browser compatibility, but accessibility via a variety of devices: phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktops. Is there … Continue reading

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19 sep

Draw a CSS3 Happy Face

Chrome, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

Evan showed me this just today and it’s pretty cool. Use CSS3 to draw a happy face. Take a look at the link:

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17 sep

Ticket / Issue Tracking and Handling

Internet, Programming

Developing software and web applications can get very complex. And as software and programming has evolved, something called the Software Development Lifecycle came about. This is the cycle of how the development world turns. Along with building software, we also … Continue reading

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15 sep

Security and Single Sign On

Internet, Programming

Working with enterprise websites and software, it’s no question that you’ll be working with Single Sign On (SSO). This video I found does a great job explaining the various types of SSO. Between having a pure base-level SSO using Active … Continue reading

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14 sep

Ravens vs Steelers, ?? What?


Ha, I was looking through some of the pictures my friend Jesus posted at our last Ravens game. Check out what’s on the ad board on the top right. advertisement! As Facebook even needs to advertise… maybe that was … Continue reading

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14 sep

How Will HTML5 Reach the Masses?

Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

HTML5 is still not 100%. We’ve got a lot of browsers waiting to catch up before we’ll be using deploying HTML5 all over the place. But why are we waiting for browsers to catch up? Desktop’s are quickly being replaced … Continue reading

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13 sep

Apple Cuff Links, Solar Powered Bikini, More…

Internet, Media

Here’s a crazy post with all sorts of cool mods and fun tech stuff.

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12 sep

FAITH – Maya and Final Cut Pro Clip

3D Graphics, Apple, Design

I love these clips of some great 3D graphics, all edited and layered with a thick beat. Play it at least twice, it’s awesome. F . A . I . T . H from MISSEDPIXEL on Vimeo.

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10 sep

Computers, Technology, and Tailgating!

Car Computing

It is officially football season and that is all that’s on my mind! Tomorrow, our crew will be heading down to the game, and it’s always important to prepare. It can rain, snow, be bitter cold, or make you sweat … Continue reading

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9 sep

Interactively Learn How to Program and Code

Internet, JavaScript, Programming Want an easy, fun way to learn how to code and get started on programming? Try an online and interactive approach, something like It’s definitely a good, nice, and easy way to start. And, it’s all based on … Continue reading

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