My Phone is Faster than My Laptop!? Samsung Galaxy S II SkyRocket

Not surprisingly, my cell phone is more powerful than many of my laptops. So when I start heading towards my front door ready to take care of some daily errands around town, I typically stop and consider grabbing my tablet, laptop, or camera just in case. What am I thinking? it’s in my pocket.

I finally went ahead and made the yearly upgrade to my phone. The one thing I’ve been really waiting for has been an improved Camera with a Flash; also a front-facing camera. I held off an entire year with out it, but I think I found the right fit.

Whenever upgrading phones, you always have to ask. Which is the better fit? iPhone or Android? I was once an iPhone user with the 3GS, but it seems that we are continually waiting for upgrades; how long have people been waiting for the iPhone 5? Ever since switching to Android and having options to match up with what I use phones for, I seem to be simply awwed by what Android has to offer. The other day I posted the match up between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II class, which is pretty amazing how quickly technology is growing.

I chose to go with the Samsung Galaxy S II SkyRocket. Many years ago, I was using Samsung for Windows phones, while iPhone was just getting started and Android wasn’t even around. Samsung quickly lost footing of the market and I jumped ship over to HTC (Windows) and later to Apple iPhone, also switching with Windows phones. After my frustration with syncing iPhone’s and Windows lack of staying on top, I decided to finally hit Android a couple years ago. I’m now completely sync’d wirelessly, Contacts, Email, Calendar, Files with Cloud. I went back to Samsung with their re-innovated Galaxy class (Galaxy S I Captivate) and now the upgrade with the Galaxy S II SkyRocket. The SkyRocket, specifically, because of the juiced up hardware specifications: screen size, processing power, and 4G capability.

Take a look at some of the wins that I take away from choosing the Galaxy S II SkyRocket:

  • Dual Core 1.5Ghz Processor vs iPhone 4S Dual Core 800 Mhz / 1.0 Ghz
  • 4.6 oz – Lighter than the iPhone 4S (4.9oz) ~ The Galaxy S II standard is 4.3oz
  • 4.5 inch screen – A full inch larger in diameter of Super AMOLED real-estate over the iPhone 4S (3.5inch), compared to Galaxy S II standard at 4.3
  • True HSPA+ 4G 42 Mbps AND WiMax (40 Mbps+)
  • Memory Expansion – For the memory upgrade, you will surely win out in cost with the Galaxy over the iPhone.
  • Battery Life – 400 Hours of Standby time 8 hours talk vs iPhone 4S 200 Hours standby and 8 hours talk
  • Replaceable Battery – The Galaxy S II lets you have extra batteries. Granted with the power of these batteries, keeping a backup was never needed with the 3G data, with 4G I just may have to keep a spare.
  • OS – This can be more of an opinion, but mine is that Gingerbread is better than iOS5.

All said and done: Faster, Stronger, Lighter, Smaller, Cheaper — Seriously worth a look and if you are adventurous to dabble, try it out for 30 days and return it if you do not like it.

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