Remember Winamp? Use it’s Visualizations with Pandora!

Oh my, I’ve got something beautiful here! What do you do with your streaming internet radio without a visualization? like Pandora? Why not hook up the audio output internally within your computer and set it up as an input for Winamp?

I regularly listen to Pandora in my living room, but with such a huge screen and nothing going on with it, I had to find a solution. I ended up downloading Winamp and configuring it to play visualizations against a Stereo Out source that I created. Guess what, it’s back to early 2000′s now, I’ve got my visualizations in my living room, with 2010 streaming internet radio!

Here’s how to do it for Windows 7!

Go to Start | Control Panel | Sounds

In the Sounds Panel, select the “Recording” tag. Then right click the white area and select “Show Disabled Devices”. Make sure that “Rec. Playback” is enabled.

Ok, now Install Winamp! Wow, like old times!!

Click the Visualizer tab and make sure you click inside the black box where the visualizations will show. Once focused, hold [Ctrl] and press [L]. This will open your input stream, here you will type: “linein://” without quotes.

Now open up Pandora. Guess what, you now have Pandora or whatever other media player visualizations! This brings me back!

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16 Responses to Remember Winamp? Use it’s Visualizations with Pandora!

  1. evan says:

    Dude, your tv is crazy!!!! I see your speaker in the upper right corner. awesome!

  2. dmtkenna says:

    this kick ass! since pandora i have no need to download music, but i miss my milkdrop. now i have both.

  3. trunksy says:

    My sound driver sucks. When I enable showing disabled devices, I don’t get the Rec. Playback or Sound Mixer added to my sound recording device listing like everyone else does. :-(

  4. mayday says:

    Thank you so much!! So It starts to work and freezes shortly after. The error reads: “1. [Error syncing to stream[

  5. nifty says:

    YES! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks br0 ;]

  6. Chris says:

    You sir, are the shit. Thank you.

  7. Yeah, it’s not perfect. I wonder if dev’ing some sort of connector would be worthwhile.

  8. Flintlock says:

    This is extremely cool. I love Pandora and Milkdrop. I’m trying this on a Mac though, and I can’t get any visualizer from Winamp on the Mac. In fact, it doesn’t even seem to be a full release. Is there a way to get Milkdrop to play on a Mac? (OS X)

  9. crinjac says:

    Freaking awesome. so easy!! I love it.

  10. ch3ru says:

    So this is absolutely awesome, but can it work on XP?

  11. marky mark says:

    This looks great, does this still work? I have Windows 8. Having visualizations with my Pandora is a long time dream of mine. I dont’ see a “rec play back” on my recording devices unfortunately. ::( Any suggestions?

  12. Sickska says:

    Dude… you are the FU@&$ing man!

  13. TY says:

    Oh my goodness. My life has been restored to balance once more! :)

  14. TY says:

    Yes, Get Windows 7. LOL!

  15. Sunshine Kolasinski says:

    Running vista, HDMI output to tv,
    cant seem to get music to have an effect on the visualization.
    is there a best config for milkdrop?

  16. RAM says:

    This worked for me on Windows 10 even though there is only microphone displayed in the recording options (I didn’t have to change anything). It seems that the line in volume is tied to the system volume and the Winamp visualizations work better with higher volume.

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