Learn how to Program Using Online Tools: Hak5

These guys at Hak5 do tons of videos, one a week it seems, all differing in lengths, mostly uncut, through sickness, at popular conferences, and on a variety of real techy / hacking / programming subjects. I found this video today which is perfect for anyone out there that is looking to get into programming. As Darren says in the bottom video, learning to program is the most important computer skill to learn as it allows you to do absolutely anything with your system.

Anyone who is looking to start programming has to realize that you cannot learn how to program in a single day and that it is a process that can take many years. It’s also something that, although it can be learned outside the classroom, it’s highly recommended to learn proper techniques, structures, and architectures, which are taught from day one in the classroom. The size of the programming arena is very large, but once the concepts are learned, they can be applied in any language.

Shannon is using the website http://www.codecademy.com/ which I actually posted here a couple of months ago. But watch as she goes through the process.

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