CSS3 Animations lead to jQuery Takeover?

It’s no tough thing to say that CSS3 will play some part in the future of our web as we know it. As the internet has matured, it’s easy to see the trends setting a decade out. We talk about these ad-nausea sometimes, but I have a new question to pose. With CSS3 aiming to take over animation, will we then see a jQuery UI utility phase out? This is tough to say as CSS3 is simply providing a function. It seems likely that CSS3 animation will be quicker than JavaScript animation because CSS3 hooks will be compiled, while JavaScript will still be interpreted.

JavaScript is finding a very strong place in this world and while CSS3 may be the future, it will be several years before CSS3 browsers will be supported all-around. Some of my predictions have been around 2020, I’ve even considered taking my estimate to possibly 2018. What we do know is that JavaScript is still here and jQuery will remain, as for a takeover, I would say it’s very unlikely. Even so, take a look at what CSS3 can do and compare it to JavaScript.

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  1. evan says:

    wow!!! that was wonderful!

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