Windows, Mac, or Linux? The Battle? Or just Placement?

Ahh, this curious and often ill-treated discussion based on a mixture of personal preference, ego, long standing history, experience, muscle memory, and aesthetic design: Which is better? Windows, Mac, or Linux? It’s funny because most of the time, the end of the discussion is that people agree to disagree. What many people tend to forget is that each serves a unique purpose in todays world and depending on what you are setting out to do, could greatly determine which OS you chose.

During the days of PowerPC and Pre-Mac OS X I simply was not impressed with what Mac had to offer, owning only a G3 for a short time. But since Steve Jobs, the switch to Intel as a processor and an underlying Unix kernel base, Mac has a huge amount more to offer, which is now why I am a proud owner of many Mac machines. My most recent purchase is this MacBook Air 13inch, which is an absolute beauty.

Let’s get down to it. Each Operating System serves a purpose. I’m going to break it down for you real quick and dirty.

Operating System Pros Cons
Windows Cheap, Fast, Extensible 3rd Party Driven (+ and -)
Mac Beautiful, Aesthetic Expensive, Mild 3rd Party
Linux The Fastest! Extremely Light Weight! Open Source! Hard to Use

Windows machines are Cheap and Fast because they are driven by 3rd party vendors, software developers, hardware manufacturers, it’s the reason why Windows made it’s name and so quickly. I typically use Windows machines for development as RAM is cheap and easy to load in, Hard Disk space and CPU Processors can be bumped up all the way. Multiple monitors are simple and there are a plethora of applications.

Mac machines are beautiful and aesthetic. They impress in social settings and are often limited in common conveniences such as Windows. If you are good you can open it up with the use of the terminal and hacking the core system. My new MacBook Air will be used as a travel laptop, but typically my Mac’s will be used for surfing the web and basic uses, also testing. Dev work is very possible and actually can be very useful for pure Linux environments.

Linux machines are difficult. Sure Ubuntu came through and cleaned things up, but Linux should be used as a specialty, not a do all scenario. Once setup, backup the configuration and do not touch! Linux is my preference for servers, they are cheap, fast, light weight, and very portable.

That’s my quick rundown, more to come soon.

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