Deployment Nights – JavaScript’s Role Today

You know it’s been a long night of deployment when your hand begins to cramp, the hours toll up, and you get the alarm code for the building. It’s not because there are issues, actually everything is going smooth, but it’s because of the scope of the deployment. With the help of JavaScript, we are saving days. This was my night tonight. We deployed an anchor, iframe, meta, javascript link modifier with hundreds of conditions that modify all sorts of elements across 600 templates and tens of thousands of links.

Today, JavaScript plays such an important role in websites. The simple ability to add JavaScript to CMS systems gives power to completely take down a website, for example, using jQuery element modifiers $(function() { $(“a”).click(function() { return false; }); }); will kill all of your links. Think of all the third party JavaScript that you have in your website, a simple JS push from that 3rd party can do drastic things, literally paralyzing a site. JavaScript is as important as Server Side scripts and possibly even more volatile.

It’s very often that JS workarounds / hacks are implemented in CMS systems in order to “get-around” server side restrictions. With today’s JS, processing from the browser is so quick that you can completely eliminate / alter any HTML DOM elements that the server sends to the browser. Any end result webpage can be completely altered without the client even realizing that a change took place. Because of this, there is now an “evil side” to what JS is capable of. One little error or missing object and you can toast your entire site.

JavaScript is only going to grow, become more powerful with HTML5 and CSS3, even in 3D web graphics such as WebGL, local storage, mobile devices, and much more. JavaScript currently plays a major role in today’s websites and aims to grow even further. Mostly for better, but there will be side-effects. JavaScript should be remembered as a challenging skill to master, with unbelievable potential. Beware and do not take lightly.

Good night!

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