Standing Desks and Workstations

Standing desks and workstations have been going around the past couple of years. It seems that people are getting tired of sitting. And when people sit all day at a desk, when they actually have to stand for 8 hours straight for something else, it’s not so easy. Therefore why not stand up, just like you would at any other non-desk job, and perform your computer work without a chair.

A lot of benefits can play part. Many say that it’s more efficient and that it is better for your health. It’s also something that people will notice. There are a lot of pros and cons and I’m noticing a lot of people doing this. The idea is great and very cool. But it seems that the stand-up solution is not exactly ideal for a complete 40 hours per week. That’s why most people have switched to a dual solution. Either getting a high chair to sit on at your standup workstation, having two workstations, by using a convertible station.

Well, this has been quite the rage and there are lots of videos, tutorials, and examples. Check out one of my favorite.

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