For the Pure CSS Geeks, Fun *{} CSS

There are a lot of CSS tricks out there and many that take quite some time to master. But what about CSS hacks? The other day, we talked about JavaScript hacks that can literally disable your website. What about CSS? Can CSS has the same affect as JavaScript?

It’s close. With a *{} command, such as *{ padding: 100px; }, you can create a website that is completely unusable. But at what level do you draw this attention to? There are many tricks that you can do to CSS that could completely alter a website. Take a look at some trials.

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I'm Phillihp. My name can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards, so can my posts... if you wish. I'm out here exploring, learning, and sharing what I find. This is more for fun and personal growth, I aim to be as consistent as possible, so check back daily!
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