ASUS Zenbook vs Apple Macbook Air

While looking for my Ultrabook and being an avid ASUS fan, I was extremely excited that the Zenbook came out to compete directly against the Macbook Air. Healthy competition is always good. My ASUS Transformer was my Android solution to a tablet. My Macbook Pro was my solution to a pure Linux development environment that offered a solid GUI as well. But the decision for an Ultrabook ended up in the hands of the Macbook Air. Take a look at this comparison.

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3 Responses to ASUS Zenbook vs Apple Macbook Air

  1. evan says:

    lol. you typed apus in the title. i wonder why :)

  2. Yukari says:

    Zenbook looks like a ripoff of MBA, but not all utarlbooks, since Pegatron made MBA and Zenbook. Why is Apple doing this, isnt MBA a ripoff of a failed Sony Vaio product? (X505). Maybe they can say that the unibody design used by Zenbook is a ripoff (and the trackpad too), but design wise, Zenbook really looks better compared to MBA. They can patent the unibody(if they own it) but not the design. If the design is to be patented, then what can you say about the design of monitors? How about the keyboard? Mouse? What should be patented is the technology. Too sad that this patents doesnt really helps in improving our technology(and protects the inventor) but rather becomes a money making scheme for companies.Should i patent my house? Should i patent my son so that no one would copy his looks?

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