Firefox 12 with 3D Debugging Comes Native

I do not like Firefox!

Sorry, excuse me. Working with each and every browser on the market, I must make sure that all browsers are working with all my sites and I have to say that the browser that gives me the most grief, is the big-ol clunky, slow, memory hog we all call Firefox.

That said, Firefox played an important and critical role in revolutionizing the internet. With the mistakes that were made in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, it’s almost like Microsoft was asking for someone to take over the browser game. Back then there was no other serious competition. And Firefox was able to come in and chomp away at serious market share of the browser space due to Microsoft’s poor security, constant errors, and regular crashes. Firefox just did things right, the followed HTML spec, got smart with their JavaScript processing, and made debugging easier for developers. It was easy to take over IE. Package it up and you are good to go.

As a side note, check out The Evolution of Browsers, it’s an interactive Flash that shows the timeline of the browsers and what technologies have come with them. Very cool find, for an extra nugget on this post.

It wasn’t until Chrome came out that serious competition took arms against them. And Chrome did just what Firefox did. Everything Firefox was doing wrong, Chrome did the opposite while everything that Firefox was doing right, Chrome tried to make it better.

So, we take the full swing. Firefox is watching Chrome eat up their share, so what do they do now? They copy Chrome. They began with the quicker release cycle. They are trying to get more light weight and they are building native debugging into the browser now. In-fact, they have 3D debugging now! It’s still not all there, but it’s fun to see how these browsers are so quickly adapting and changing to one another. And by the way, you cannot make much money off browsers these days. So Firefox is now back and competing as tough as they can. Let’s see what happens.

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One Response to Firefox 12 with 3D Debugging Comes Native

  1. evan says:

    Firefox made debugging sophisticated now that its in 3D. Now I just need to find my 3D glasses!

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