Creating Google Glass like Eyewear for Geeks

This isn’t all such a new idea, having eye wear that records your every day moments in addition to providing a Head’s Up Display that can guide you around a computer interface such as your phone. Google recently released a very nice and appealing Google Glass advertisement that hit the waves in a big way. But there are many others already doing this, such as Vergence Labs, which is a Kickstarter project looking for funding to take them the rest of the way.

The picture above shows a demo of their first prototype, but they have advanced much more. By purchasing a 3D printer, they now have the ability to create these glasses by themselves.

What to do next, install your micro-electronics, hook up a battery, and tie it to an already existing system such as Android? The time is getting to be very soon to where we really start to see these hit the market in a variety of ways. Or start creating on your own! All of it is available for anyone to do, which makes this era in technology a very cool time to live in.

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