Cyber Warfare, Defense, and Cyber Weapons

Most all internet users have become adept to the invitation and intrusion of hack attempts by plugging in that Coax or Fiber line to your modem. We all know to look out for emails from our banks that are asking for our passwords, or those messages that claim to make you money. Most internet users are even skilled enough to dodge the executable downloads and installation of viruses.

But these attacks go much further than small hacks and viruses, to the realms of skillfully programmed applications that run across series of proxied nodes around the world in order to perform a single task. Often times, these programs can be programmed to overload another set of servers, send it a bunch of meaningless data, or even block all traffic. Here we have Cyber warefare.

The popular group Anonymous, is a group that attacks governments and businesses who are invading on the freedom of internet, information, and data. Governments are also heavily involved in Cyber warefare as well. Today, we see governments strategically targeting countries and terrorist organizations to bring down, investigate, and take information when found to be dangerous. These cyber weapons exist all over the world; it’s almost as identical to ordering an F1 fighter jet to fly over some country; why not order a shutdown of servers or jamming of traffic on the internet.

President Obama just recently did this to Iran, making it pretty public. It goes to show you how powerful the world of information has become. Check out this newsy video I ran across on the topic.

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