Zombie Apocalypse – Be Prepared for 1 Month

I try as much as I can to be a man of practicality. With the power outage in the DC area two weeks ago and the rate of occurrences that power outages last more than a night over the past 5 years, can I justify the purchase of a generator?

We lost power for 3 nights, in the middle of a heat wave… at the same time, a dear family member just finished having brain surgery after a stroke. That’s pretty well justified in my book. I’m huge on being “realistic,” but realistically, we as human beings literally depend on electricity. Some of us felt it a bit more realistically than others that week.

It took some time to think through the decision, but the end result was, depending on the electric grid does not provide redundancy in dire times. If the power goes out, it’s important to have a backup. You can take the average time that power goes out over the span of your lifetime and compare it to the value that the people who can benefit from that resource plus the inconveniences you avoid (such as 3 to 6 nights in a hotel per occurrence, wasted food from your refrigerator / freezer, risk of over heating or freezing, etc…), you quickly value a purchase of something that serves as a very functional tool, such as electricity generation, aka… a generator. And my decision is to have that resource.

I went with a Honda eu2000, which is a portable generator, less than 50lbs, you can pick up with one hand and haul where ever you need too. It can also be linked to another unit of the same class and brand, which can multiply it’s output. It can run on a gallon of gasoline over 9 hours, which is extremely efficient, and will literally last your entire life.

Very good and easy pick for a generator. When the grid goes down, it’s time to prepare for every case and scenario. Take a look at this solution and walk through.

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