Ice Cream Sandwich Official on Galaxy S II

Right when Google releases the Chrome browser on mobile devices and says that only Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) users can use it, guess what Samsung says. Well, here you go… we’ve already been working on and have ICS ready for your Samsung Galaxy S II phone’s. Woah! It appears that the push to upgrade to ICS is very strong, especially with the very “popular” phones like the Galaxy S II (SGS2).

With my upgrade to ICS tonight on my SGS2 SkyRocket, I’m allowing myself to extend the life of my phone past the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Which means, because I already have the front-facing camera, the fast processor, large screen (4.5), etc… the SGS3 upgrade just doesn’t make sense at a steep “out-of-contract” price of around $700. Instead I’ll do the ICS upgrade tonight and wait for the SGS3 to drop around $300, then sell my SGS2 with ICS on eBay, and look to get my $100 upgrade.

Done this little trick thousands of times… and time to get started! Later.

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