The Dark Knight Rises Doesn’t have 3D. Yes!

Have I mentioned this before? I am so glad that The Dark Knight is not in 3D. For some reason, people think that paying more money for something makes the experience better… it has to be better, it’s in 3D!!! What isn’t cool about 3D?

What isn’t fine with me is that:

  1. It costs more money. Flag that one right away.
  2. The glasses can be annoying / irritating, not perfectly formed for your head. I often have to remove these throughout the movie. A 3 hour movie like Batman, can be some issues..
  3. Headaches… What? Am I actually getting old? I get a headache just thinking about putting these things on.
  4. Non-Crisp 3D. The 3D is not as crisp as one would expect. If I have HD, crisp resolution on the screen, why is the 3D blurry?
  5. Not fully utilized. 3D animated movies are a little better, but for live action, many potential pieces are left out.
  6. The 3D is actually done with 2D flat elements. When I see them objects moving towards me, I can see that those objects are flat and 2-dimensional.
  7. Your vision is limited to the scope of your glasses.

Let’s get rid of this entire 3D craze… No, I will not ever buy today’s quality of a 3D TV, so please do not put them in my movie theater. Thank you Warner Bro’s for not making Dark Knight Rises a 3D movie. Now I have a much wider selection of times to choose from, and I don’t have to worry about my head hurting.

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3 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises Doesn’t have 3D. Yes!

  1. Yetti Chris says:

    For one 3D is better and only way ill go to the theater. Im Very upset I cant watch Dark Knight in 3D. was so looking forward to watching but probably wont go now

    • Yetti Chris says:

      and if u dont like 3D dont watch it in 3D duhhh u dont have too

    • phillihp says:

      :) In what ways do you like 3D better? I’m curious if you also realize the blur that you get through the glasses, or when 3D objects jump at you, those objects are flat and 2-dimensional. jw — it’s a good movie, you should go see it if you are any bit interested in the comic series

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