Gizmo Slip – Dropping the Samsung Galaxy S III + More is a new site I just found that does a number of tests on devices and the reality of the world we live in. Lets face it, we all break our phones and devices from time to time and if you are going to spend upwards of $700 for a new phone, you might want to think about cases or insurance plans. Naturally, selecting a sturdy and strong device is an important factor when choosing a phone. This site does regular video’s on drop tests, and when the device is all banged up and damaged, what better than to destroy it completely, by blowing it up, or using it for target practice.

The two have a pretty good team. Brandon is a web developer who puts together the site and hosts many of the videos, while Darren is a videographer, which makes for the perfect combination and team at I look forward to many more of these videos we will be following them here at my Tech Blog.

Recently, Brandon dropped his Galaxy S II, so he decided to fire a couple of 50 cal rounds into it. Take a look.

Shotgun vs. ASUS Transformer Prime

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3 Responses to Gizmo Slip – Dropping the Samsung Galaxy S III + More

  1. Thanks for the post! We really appreciate it. Here’s our demo reel video in case you hadn’t seen it yet.

  2. Hey, we’ve posted a new drop test of the Google Nexus 7 that your readers would probably be interested in checking out:

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