Samsung Outsells Apple’s iPhone 2 to 1 in Q2

Samsung is doing a terrific job in the mobile phone market over the past couple of years. In-fact, most recently Samsung has been outselling the iPhone by 2-to-1, which is quite a show in itself. But does that really mean that Apple has lost their edge? The iPhone 5 release, which is set for this fall (really? we will see…), I can guarantee the numbers will spank the Samsung Galaxy numbers, but that said… Apple is not out of the woods. I imagine that the numbers will beat, but not blow away Galaxy and Android sales. There is a steep curve in the development of phones and Samsung is taking a very good foothold to try and take it over. I’ve recently gotten the new Galaxy S III after some issues with my GSII and it is quite a device to compete with. Take a look.

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