XAMPP Finally Struts Some Updates v3.0.2

How many times have you had to setup Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl? If you are a reader, I hope that you have had to do this several times. If not, keep reading, because when you do have to at some point, this will be a great help.

Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl is one of the most popular web providing setups out there. Apache alone consists of 66% of all web hosts out there, not to mention some of the highest traffic websites as well. It’s a proven, consistent, open-source technology that proves that you do not need to pay money for extremely efficient use. Let’s take a look at the top 10 traffic websites, In-The-World.

1. google.com Apache (Custom)
2. facebook.com Apache (Custom)
3. youtube.com Apache
4. yahoo.com Apache (Custom)
5. baidu.com Apache
6. wikipedia.com Apache
7. live.com IIS
8. twitter.com Apache (Custom)
9. qq.com Apache (Custom)
10. amazon.com Apache (Custom)
Other Notable
n1. craigslist.org Apache
n2. apple.com Apache
n3. msn.com IIS

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s IIS does a fantastic job providing efficient web services and has it’s share in high volume traffic around the net, but you do have to pay for a Microsoft server. Apache is just one of those that exists in it’s own world, requires a special talent (base understanding), and provides a unique and free service.

XAMPP is a product that takes one of the most basic of Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl packages, and distributes it in an easy to install package across Windows, Linux, and Mac. Which means, any time you want to turn your local machine or server into a web server, you can literally just click and install this package. This is great for test environments and it’s been around forever and it’s interface just received many new and helpful updates. Take a look at an install tutorial. And if you download the latest, you will get the new Beta interface. Screen shot below. Enjoy!

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