Yahoo is Huge, Sports Alone Takes in 40M+ Uniques

Football is coming up soon and I always do at least a couple of posts about it just to make sure that everyone is aware. Living in the world of big internet, marketing, and high volume traffic, I decided to take a look at sports impact on large websites. If you think of sites that you visit the most, the first couple that I would think of would be your email, stocks, news, new technologies, and then when I got the time, sports.

But sports is a major contender in the high volume traffic world. Yahoo Sports alone takes in 50M+ unique visitors with very high average minute use, often way beyond 30 minutes, over the month. ESPN has very similar ratings, but with much higher usage times, lasting on average 70 minutes for the month. Those are great session lengths and the systems that support those sessions have to be very ready for the traffic. Take a look at these sports figures, coming from The Daily.

As of June 15th, 2011 — Top 15 Sports Websites for the Month of May 2011

Rk. Property Unique Visitors Avg Min Per User
1 Yahoo Sports 47.7M 37.7
2 38.1M 73.7
3 27.8M 20.3
4 Turner-SI Digital 26.2M 24.7
5 Big Lead Sports 17.0M 15.0
6 11.7M 27.4
7 10.5M 18.5
8 USA Today Sports 9.6M 9.5
9 9.1M 26.8
10 8.6M 5.3
11 8.0M 12.8
12 7.7M 32.6
13 7.0M 10.1
14 4.6M 12.4
15 Stack Media 4.1M 11.8

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