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22 aug

Newsy Report: Curiosity Mars Rover Makes First Test Drive

*, Hardware, News, Robotics, Solar, Space

Take a look!

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21 aug

Repair Your Deep Phone Scratches – Simply!

*, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, howto, Mobility

This is a dangerous process, but if you have screen scratches that are brutal and unbearable to look at. Take a look at these options to clean, rebuff, and fix your screen scratches.

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20 aug

XDA – CyanogenMod Updates, More Android Tweaks!

*, Android, Electronics, Entertainment, Google, Hardware, News

Oh my, there are even more CyanogenMod updates. With everything that Android is doing on the scene, more and more developers are pouring in to help expand the functions and tweak all of the Android settings. No device left behind! … Continue reading

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20 aug

Download Websites with HTTrack and WGet

**, Browsers, Internet, Linux

Sometimes, downloading a local instance of an entire website is the best way to search it quickly and find specific information, such as links and images. Often times, this is used for either getting quick access to your own website, … Continue reading

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19 aug

Android ICS with Default Data Usage App

**, Android, Google, Hardware, Internet

If you have ever gotten a “nudge” or “hint” from your cell phone carrier about using too much data, even though you signed up for Unlimited data service and should have been grandfathered into the new system, you know how … Continue reading

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18 aug

iOS Text Messaging Exploitation, Such as Email

***, Apple, Hacking, iPhone, News, Programming

If you have ever written code to send emails, when you get right into the core of the email contents, you realize that you have access to change many pieces of the header information, therefore spoofing the actual sender and … Continue reading

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16 aug

Is Flash Dead Yet? HTML5 to Replace?

**, 3D Graphics, Android, Apple, Google, Hardware, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, iPhone, News

Adobe announced that it will no longer be supporting Flash on Android devices. It’s not surprising, Apple came right out of the gate, stating that they would not support Flash and that the move to HTML5 should be easily attainable. … Continue reading

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15 aug

Where is the Best Place to Relocate? Mars?

**, Entertainment, Solar, Space

What’s the Best Place To Relocate? I was reading Slashdot today and thought these responses were pretty funny. Take a look. Dude, I’m not saying Earth is all that, but post-industrial Mars is a wasteland. Until they get the manufacturing … Continue reading

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14 aug

Automated Home Brewery Kit for $5000

**, beer, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics

If you are at all interested in beer, technology, and making things work in an automated fashion, you may really enjoy this video. This is an automated home brewery kit that takes out all of the guessing when it comes … Continue reading

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13 aug

Google’s Motorola Cuts 20% (4000 Jobs)

**, Android, Car Computing, Electronics, Google, Hardware, News

This is another great story, very well done by Newsy. After Google bought Motorola for $12B, we have now seen an entirely new shift in focus to the structure of the company. Google must have some serious plans to enter … Continue reading

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