Install Samsung Galaxy SIII in Your Car Dash

Now we are thinking. I have posted this idea many times before, but someone has actually done a slight implementation of this with a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I still feel that these phones are somehow going to become an integral part of your car systems. Separate or detachable, I’m sure many will experiment with a mix. But take a look.

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  1. Evan Moore says:

    It’s interesting when people mod their cars with their smart devices. Amongst all the positives, which are all awesome, the negatives for me usually out weigh those positives

    - Smart devices are normally built in portrait mode only with a few exceptions of apps.
    - If you’re modding your car with your smart phone, it best be a secondary phone vs your primary phone otherwise removing the insert the phone is hidden can be quite akward.
    - Should you car become hot, your devices will need to cool down should you leave it in your car for long periods of time.
    - There’s no remote integration, so you’re going to be clicking tiny touch sensitive buttons that will probably result a lot of user errors. Voice integration will be critical for this to be anything practical.
    - Non iphone designs change every year, from thick to thicker or large to larger requiring the constantly redesiging for future models. I guess this is more of a nitpick, but should the dock connecter change for example *cough* apple *cough*, you’re back to the drawing board.

    Anyway, most times, people mod their cars with their smart devices, because they can and it’s awesome integration.

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