World Stats – NetMarketShare, StatCounter, Who’s Right?

At first look, these numbers look off. But remember, the world is a little bit bigger than the United States. And exporting the United States primary browsers and operating systems has continued to be a challenge for many companies, maybe except for Microsoft. On top of that, it’s another reason why dynamic web technology like HTML5 are taking so long to saturate into our market. But take a look, here are some quick hits:

  • The mobile market is only 9% of the browsing world.
  • iOS browsers ranking higher than Android — Honestly, I think this stat is off. Take a look at StatCounter.
  • Internet Explorer at 50% of market share around the world?

These numbers vary so greatly, it’s scary to think that we rely on such sources. The truth of the matter is that you should rely on your own website statistics and analytics via Google Analytics, Site Catalyst, Core Metrics, or Web Trends. I personally follow StatCounter more so than I do any other sources. NetMarketShare looks to be fishy and they do not properly reference their sources. Take a look at them both.

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