Boeing’s 787 ‘Dreamliner’ Makes Its Inaugural Flight

The Boeing 787 is now in the United States as United Air took it’s first flight from Houston to Chicago the other day. This will be the first composite structured air-craft in the US, making it a claimed 20% more efficient, which means more money coming back to United Airlines. The Dreamliner has been manufactured and sold to many other airlines, specifically in the Japan and India. After three years of delays to the United States, specifically United, it has finally joined the largest airline in the world. The 787 can go a distance of 10,710 miles but will most likely stay at around 8,500 miles (15,700 km) as a maximum, which will cover single flight routes from Los Angeles to Bangkok or even New York City to Hong Kong routes.

But, really, it looks like the major improvements are around the material used to create the aircraft. It should replace most of the 767′s, has a seating capacity of around 290 depending on the configurations. There are multiple variants that increase distance to 10,000+ miles or add seating to 310 passengers. Others that will allow freight cargo and Boeing also has plans to create a variant that would replace Air Force One.

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