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As the internet evolves, we continue to find brick and mortar businesses find a space in the web realm. In my eyes, the World Wide Web is still very similar to the Wild Wild West. We have huge companies, such as Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, and Google owning up a lot of the space with their news pages, email services, and search. We also have our saturated markets, such as real-estate (Zillow). But more often than not, we see many highly competitive markets, such as Craigslist, eBay,, Yelp… always trying to keep that upper edge and carve out more market share.

The internet is still very new, and there are so many avenues of business that have yet to be explored. At a Startup Weekend conference two April’s ago, a solution for parking spots came out. It can often times be easy to find a parking spot, but what can be very challenging is comparing these parking spot costs and finding the best deal. That’s where Parking Panda comes in. Type in your address and compare your lot’s. Heck, if you want to offer your own drive-way as a parking spot for $10 a day, you can do that as well. It’s a very cool idea and a great example of how businesses of the Wild West have yet to explore an online solution.

Based out of Baltimore. Check it out at:

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